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Monday, January 19, 2009

Circular Railway - Kolkata

The Circular Railway, which encircles the city, is indeed a boon to daily commuters caught in traffic jams. Beginning from Dum Dum Junction in the North, the Circular Rail passes through Chitpur, Burrabazar, B.B.D.Bagh, Princep Ghat, Hastings, Kidderpore, Remount Road, Majherhat, Ballygunge, Sir Gurudas Banerjee Halt and finally back to Dum Dum Junction.

The need for a parallel system of transport in order to reduce the pressure of road traffic in Kolkata has been the sole aim behind introducing the Circular Railway. As a railway track already existed for transporting goods from the port area to godowns in Chitpur, it was possible to establish a uninterrupted route along the Hooghly for connecting Dum Dum Junction and Princep Ghat.

As the original line was a single line track with loading and unloading sidings and wharfs, a few platforms had to be built and reception facilities were constructed at some stations. The line was commissioned from Dum Dum Junction to Princep Ghat on 16th August, 1984.

Work is on for the extension from Princep Ghat to Majerhat. With this extension, Circular Railway will cover the periphery of entire Kolkata and it will be of great help to the people of Behala and Budge-Budge in South Kolkata. Work is also on for the extension of Circular Railway in the North, from Dum Dum Cantonment to N.S.B. Airport.
Train Name Source Departure Time Destination Arrival Time
Hashnabad Local Princep Ghat 9:20 AM Hashnabad 12:25 PM
Barasat Local Princep Ghat 10:20 AM Barasat 11:45 AM
Naihati Local Princep Ghat 11:05 AM Naihati 12:50 PM
Eden Gardens Dum Dum Local Princep Ghat 11:46 AM Dum Dum 12:30 PM
Hashnabad Local Princep Ghat 12:32 PM Hashnabad 3:38 PM
Barasat Local B.B.D.Bag 1:17 PM Barasat 2:22 PM
Duttapukur Local Princep Ghat 4:55 PM Duttapukur 6:28 PM
Habra Local Princep Ghat 5:33 PM Habra 7:34 PM
Ranaghat Local Princep Ghat 6:28 PM Ranaghat 9:17 PM
Barrackpore Local Princep Ghat 7:05 PM Barrackpore 8:17 PM
Barrackpore Local Princep Ghat 7:42 AM Barrackpore 8:50 AM
Gede Local Gede 5:18 AM Princep Ghat 9:20 AM
Bongaon Local Bongaon 7:25 AM Princep Ghat 9:48 AM
Kalyani Simanta Local Kalyani Simanta 8:18 AM Eden Gardens 10:13 AM
Barrackpore Local Barrackpore 9:30 AM Princep Ghat 10:48 AM
Hashnabad Local Hashnabad 8:18 AM Princep Ghat 11:28 AM
Bongaon Local Bongaon 9:40 AM Princep Ghat 11:55 AM
Naihati Local Naihati 3:15 PM Princep Ghat 4:45 PM
Barasat Local Barasat 3:55 PM Princep Ghat 5:18 PM
Naihati Local Naihati 4:15 PM Princep Ghat 6:00 PM
Barrackpore Local Barrackpore 5:25 PM Princep Ghat 6:50 PM
Dankuni Local Dankuni 6:10 PM Princep Ghat 7:32 PM

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